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About us

General information

MULTIMES GRUP OOD–city of Lyaskovets is a meat-processing company for processing of meat from domestic ungulates. Its strategic geographic positioning in the central part of the country allows immediate and prompt reaction to all questions and orders.
The company was founded in 2000 as the same started its business as a meat-processing company in September, 2013 in a new and modern plant, in compliance with and meeting all European standards and regulations.


In 2013 the company started its business, equipped with the latest and most advanced machines and facilities. On a total built area of 1846 m2 was constructed a modern plant, meeting all veterinary and medical, sanitary and hygiene, and ecological requirements as well.
The manufacturing building itself has a total built area of 8741.00 m3 and the same is equipped with:
-    Freezing storage chamber with a volume of 500 pallet places.
-    Manufacturing rooms, storage and packaging premises, equipped with all the necessary for the manufacturing process machines, facilities, apparatus and materials.
-    Three shock refrigeration stations for quick product freezing.
-    Line for meat cutting, intended for separating, boning and sorting of meat products. The line has a capacity of 30 t of meat for 8 hours and meets all requirements of German standards DIN9797 R DIN 9798 for food industry facilities.
-    Office part, constructed with a convenient parking for quick and qualitative customer servicing.

For the professional and qualitative work of great significance is also the suitable choice of personnel it is built of and the team of skilled experts.


The company develops well and aims at increasing its market share and keeping the tendency of realization on the domestic and foreign market. At present, apart from the introduced system  НАССР, IFS Food Ver.6, ensuring the high quality of our products, is also integrated.